BioMedical Emporium

About BioMedical Emporium

Extensive research and development by Dr Judey Pretorius has led to the incorporation of the very first, unique tertiary tissue-protective peptide technology that promotes advanced cellular turn-over rates, as well as optimal skin densification and dermal hydration. All Biomedical Emporium® products are manufactured in a SAHPRA licensed facility. Biomedical Emporium® also aligns themselves with respected national and international bodies to ensure the clinic provider and end-consumer can use any of the products or services with peace of mind.

Intrinsic and extrinsic environmental factors are taken into consideration during the formulation of all cosmeceutical products. Some products are specifically formulated, based on the client or patient’s geographical location, as skin oxidation rates differ from area to area. How is this science applicable today? What do we have to do to obtain skin cell harmony? We need products that will address all the mechanisms of ageing – a product of a cosmeceutical nature. In other words, applying a product that works both on a cellular and molecular level, in order to be highly effective and safe to ultimately stimulate a therapeutic and biological response.