Mature, Sun Damage

Mature Skin


Biologically, the skin starts ageing in women from the age of 25. Most commonly, mature skin shows signs of increased dryness, prominent wrinkles and sagging due to lost elastin and collagen. Mature skin will also appear thinner and dull, with an uneven skin tone.

Understanding Mature Skin

As we age, our skin’s sebum production slows down, the metabolism of the cells is slower and the active number of fibroblasts reduce including synthesis of collagen. Environmental factors such as solar exposure (including extreme warm and cold temperatures), hormonal changes, medication, chronic illnesses, tobacco, alcohol, stress and fatigue or the lack of sleep have a huge impact on mature skin.

Targeted Solution

Our Home-care have been specifically developed to offer a sound solution for a mature skin type. Our formulations contain a combination of superior antioxidants that slow down free radical activity, improve dermal density, firm, tighten, increase the skin’s hydration levels and relieve a dry, dull appearance. Mature skin will benefit from our rich botanical formulations, leaving it feeling smooth and nourished.